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COVID-19 #3 JobKeeper


1. Determine your eligibility

2. List all eligible employees as at 1 March 2020

3. Determine which employees are eligible to receive JobKeeper through your business (NOTE – you must pay all eligible employees)

4. Provide Eligible Employees with Employers Declaration

5. Obtain Employee Declaration

6. Re-engage with employees to establish your work requirements

7. Employee to be paid a minimum of $1500 per fortnight (NOTE - employees can be backpaid in fortnight 2 for fortnight 1)

8. Advise ATO which employees are eligible to receive JobKeeper though your business

a. Via STP

b. Via Online Services Form (not yet available)

9. Monthly report of turnover information to the ATO (not yet available)

a. Actual GST turnover for the reporting month, or

b. Projected GST Turnover for the following month


This to allow JobKeeper payments to be paid to Self-Employed and also partners, beneficiaries, shareholders who are not otherwise employees if the business/

IMPORTANT – Only one (non-employee) beneficiary or one (non-employee) shareholder or one partner in a partnership may receive Job Keeper support for that entity.

The Business must have

· An ABN as of 12/3/2020

· Assessable income in the 2018-19 income year form business AND

· ATO had received notice (Tax Return or Activity Statement or other) before 12/3/20 about that assessable income


· Made a taxable supply after 1/7/18 and before 12/3/2020 AND

· ATO had received notice (Activity Statement) about that taxable supply

(The rules exclude entities that only have GST-Free sales or input Taxed sales)

Individual is an eligible business participant if

· Not employed by the entity (because they receive JobKeeper as an employee), and

· Actively engaged in the business, and

· A sole trader or partner or adult beneficiary or shareholder, and

· Australian Resident, and

· Over 16 years of age


· Notify the commissioner of participation

· The “One” recipient cannot be eligible for JK from another entity

· Except for the Sole Trader, the entity must notify the “One” recipient of the intention to pay JobKeeper to them

Rules are similar for this “Business Participant” entitlement to JK as applied to the Employer-

Employee entitlements.

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