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Optus Cyber Attack and the possible consequences to your business

You may be aware of the recent Optus Cyberattack where customers' personal identification details were compromised.

It appears that one of the consequenses of this attack has been that businesses have received requests from Suppliers and Employees to update their bank account details. The suggested response is to personally call the business/employee to confirm these details. In fact every time you receive a request to update bank account details, seeking additional verification will ensure the request is valid.

At Pro-Advisor, we have always strongly suggested that clients use password management software. To list a few - Dashlane, Lastpass, 1Password, although there are many other options. When using one op these packages, you only need to remember one password and you are able to generate very strong passwords for all (especially important) softare that you use.

To protect out Client's data and information, we use Practice Protect and Nimbus Document Storage. Both of these software packages have been developed specifically for the bookkeepiong and accounting industry.

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